About Us

We will inspire you with our images, move you with our animation and immerse you in our virtual reality experiences.

Imaginar is one of the UK’s leading creative CGI and VR production studios, producing world class CG animation, visual effects, virtual reality, augmented reality and photo realistic CG Illustration.  With over 20 years’ experience working with some of the most iconic global brands across a multiple of medias, our international team of animators, artists, illustrators, creative directors, designers and imagineers have earned us the reputation as being one of the best and most versatile creative and production partners in the world.  Our goal is simple, to produce amazing looking work but to also help enhance any creative idea we are presented with, creating content that leaves a lasting impression.

Imagine everything!


Cadbury OYM Campaign 2016 - Wispa

Cadburys Campaign 2016

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Mini John Cooper Works CG Promo Video 2012

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Smart Car Starwars

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vw, car, advertising,. road, concept, cgi, 3d,MontanaALT

Montana VW Press Image

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Unreal Engine Architectural showreel

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Bright Sparks

It’s that moment when you meet people who offer the sharpest ideas and who demonstrate real creative intelligence. We’ve worked obsessively to put in place the brightest sparks in the industry.

Listen and Learn

We really listen to our clients ‘needs’ and ask the right questions. We learn about their vision and build on their own knowledge. It’s only after that we add our own creative magic.


Having spent decades exercising our creative muscles, we are at the absolute top of our game. Always thinking in 360 degrees and completely unrestrained because its the most important part of everything we do

Passionate About Our Work

Without passion we couldn’t create the outstanding work that we do. We are obsessed with the small things which helps the big things look so much better and we have a ridiculous amount of pride in absolutely everything that we create.


Divinity Originals Cinematic CGI Video Game trailer

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Imaginar Character showreel

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Imaginar Environment Show Reel

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Imaginar drinks bottles Show Reel

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Advertising Showreel 2016

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Imaginar video game showreel

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