Welcome to Imaginar CGI illustration, CGI animation studio based in London UK.

Who we are. Established in 2007, we are a unique creative studio of illustrators and animators who specialise in creating and directing all styles of premium quality CG images, CG animation and visual effects (VFX) from initial concept design to final production.

Our services include.

CG (computer generated) illustrations for TV, print and advertising,

CGI Animation for Television commercials, film, Long form and web

2D and 3D artists covering every discipline

3D animation and character design

Augmented reality, virtual reality

CGI Visualisation and 3D modelling

Pre-visualisation, storyboards

Production management

Creative Photoshop retouching

How to work with us. Simply call us on +44(0)207 042 9994+44(0)207 042 9994 and speak to one of our experienced creative producers who will be happy to talk over your requirements.