ABB UMC Product Campaign CGI

3D CGI Visual Industrial Plant Running Smoothly

For this project we were asked to create three product campaign CGI Visuals that would incorporate three key values personified in a physical form.  These were smooth running which was represented by legs, intelligent operations which was represented by a brain and greater visibility that was represented by an eye. These physical forms would then have to naturally form part of a built environment comprising an industrial plant, utility plant and Quarry/Cement Works. The client provided us with a sketch for each of the three scenarios with a number of reference images.

Brief Sketches

This was an interesting project that involved extensive planning and production and a lot of detailed modelling and texturing which was reviewed by the client throughout the development process.

The Final images were produced at 10k resolution and had been created so that they could be used across various formats including printed materials, exhibition displays and Web.

3D CGI Image Industrial Plant Running

3D CGI Visual Processing Plant Intelligent Operations