CG Text Portfolio

A computer generated twisting word image with lots of letters and spelling out vorsprung durch technik

We often get asked to create 3D text based illustration for ‘brands’ and ‘agencies’. This collection shows a small selection of CG rendered demonstrating how versatile our team are working across a wide variety of aesthetics and styles.

organic 3d modelled number 3 which looks like liquid, cg rendered

cg modelled neon arrow shape, which was created in 3d using 3dsmax and rendered out as a 3d image in vray

cg modelled speech bubble, created as a neon which was rendered in 3ds max and rendered using vray

a still image taken from a short cg animated sting video, where we simulated exploding powder paint that happens around a 3d modelled number 5 which has been rendered out at hi resolution

fun playful 3d model of the word barbados, cg modelled letters rendered in softimage

3d stage and cg text built and rendered in 3d package maya. Image created for O2 to promote the tv show Glee

3d text created as a building and built to look like the text 3d model fits seamlessly into a university campus aerial 3d view

3d modelled text created as a pile of 3d modelled letters piled up creating a symbol which was created in 3ds max and rendered in vray

3d image created for Visa, modelled and rendered in 3dsmax text and fireworks created in after effects

cg modelled and rendered 3d image created for the book cover for the book called the key by Simon Toyne

cg modelled text created to look like neons 3d rendered and modelled in 3dsmax

cg modelled theatre style 3d text created and rendered in 3ds max and composited in photoshop

cg rendered 3d text built to look like solid ice created for Halifax building society