Alpine-Stars Photo Scanning Project

Alpinestars_glove scan perspective -black 2

This Will Be The Future Of Photo Realistic Virtual Model Creation Allowing The Client To Recreate Impossibly Accurate 3D Representations Of Their Actual Products 

We have developed our unique photo scanning system to enable us to digitally capture and post produce real world objects in eye watering detail.  We have obsessed for well over a year on creating our bespoke photo scanning scanning rig and refining our cleanup process to enable us to optimize the date we create, which  means we can be confident to say we have developed a one off system that has been designed from the ground upwards to enable us to recreate digital models to our own very exacting standards.
By using a multitude of scanning techniques, we are able to take any of our clients physical products and re create them virtually for the digital world.
We find this an extremely effective technique because of the precision and realism of the final result often missed or being incredibly expensive to recreate using traditional 3D hand modelling techniques from photo reference. 
These visualized digital assets allows our client to explore different media formats and platforms and can be used for traditional product shots also VR , AR  and animation.
Once digitized these 3D assets are perfect for online product configurations where you may require mass quantities of images with material or color variations whilst still  maintaining identical lighting and camera position every time. 
But what is most impressive about this technique is blending real world photo capture techniques and then adding a impossible level of Special effects and lighting techniques to make product shoots that you just cant create using any traditional CG or photo shoot setups, it really is a hybrid of both techniques To Make The Impossible Real !

Take a look at the below demo animation which shows some of the parts that come together to make the final 3D model ready for rendering. 

To find our more about this unique digital creation service please feel contact us below and we would be happy to review your project with you and discuss how you can take your product marketing material to the next level