TARGUS AR Future Retail APP

Future Retail Augmented Reality Technology-

We were asked by Targus and our partners at Outform to come up with a new innovative solution using ‘future technologies’ to enable Targus to promote a range of ‘City Light’ bags from this new range of products in a new exciting way.


The Brief

The aim of this project was to find a way to show a wider selection of products in a interesting new way, which would allow Targus to utilise a smaller physical footprint to exhibit from, as premium retail floor space is becoming more and more expense and we wanted to explore how digitally recreating a number of the Targus rucksack products  in  Augmented Reality could solve the problem, expand the amount of products that could be displayed at any one time, whilst connecting their customers back to the Targus brand.  Our solution would be featured at IFA 2019 held in Germany and would become a centre piece of the Targus stand.

The Solution

The solution we proposed, aimed to combine both ‘physical’ and ‘digital’ which we term as ‘Phygital’, combining a futuristic looking half bust mannequin, which we would use as a target to trigger our Augmented Reality (AR) application. The busk was designed and manufactured by Outform and we then attached a standard QR based target to the physical sculpture which we digitally mapped into our program and used to position the client products accurately onto via apple i-pad pros.

We wanted not only virtualise the products as photo realistically as possible but to also let the customers see the product in real-time and real world scale and to see what that products look like when they are worn on the back, but we also wanted to dd a level of ‘gamification’ to the application too enabling us to connect the customers back to the Targus brand whilst understand the key features of the product.

We used our proprietary custom built photogrammetry capture rig which allowed us to capture the real world products accurately guaranteeing the exact dimensions and textures and realistic look which was important to us, as we are focused on closing the gap between art and technology developing new ways to make virtualised products look real and appealing whilst maintain accuracy. The quality of our digital scanning also allowed us to repurpose the models for the creation of alternative supporting digital advertising material such as digital hi resolution imaging and animation.

For more information about the project, our custom scanning facilities, our Augmented Reality solutions, or just ideas of how we can help you with your own product virtualisation and deployments then please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help find a solution for you.