Meet the leadership Team

Richard Watkins

Founder / CEO

I started Imaginar in 2007 with one goal in mind, to bring together the very best and most talented creative artists to collaborate and create innovative and outstanding content. I have had the privilege of working with some of the very best creative minds from around the world and from every creative discipline and have had the joy of watching our Imaginar family evolve in to a world class team.

Matt Watkins

Executive Producer

I have a passion for production and keep a constant eye on technology which means I’m always up to date with current trends in creative technology. Im focused on the detail of things which enables our company to deliver world class content, on time and in budget. When I’m not doing that, I’m developing processes to improve how our team works and how we connect with our clients.


Justin Tuson

Technologist / Producer

Responsible for the creation, production, and delivery of projects as well as management of everything technology based within Imaginar. Justin has decades of experience in the creative industry and understands how to maximize the quality of work and efficiency of the studio by developing and maintaining the best tech that ensures our client expectations are continually.


Natalie House


I have over a 15 years worth of experience working with many of the worlds leading global brands creating all things 2d whether its story-board animatics, 2d animations and illustration. We have a network of over 50 traditionally trained artists and editors so there is no storyboarding style or aesthetic that cannot be produced. This allows us to work on a diverse range of subjects ranging from household products to high end beauty and fashion lines.


Joseph Young

Junior Producer / Animator

I have a passion for creating and storytelling which is why I was drawn to the medium of animation and CGI as it’s the perfect format to share ideas with the world. I love being involved in all types of creative projects and I enjoy nothing more in my spare time than sketching and animating my own projects. My production role is a perfect blend of creativity and organisation, working with incredibly talented people.


Karen Walker


Creativity and people that’s me. I have a passion for all things creative. I regularly paint, draw and create. Im a keen photographer too and I love to mix it up and try my best to come up with unique and original things . whether its interior design or large scale canvases. Imaginar gives me a blank canvas to work from as it’s a real melting pot of creativity, art, technology and story. Plus were a really nice bunch of people too.


Vicki Watkins

Operations / Finance Executive

Coming from a background in the corporate finance and working for one of the top 4 accountancy firms in the world on some very high profile client accounts for the last 10 years, allows me to bring a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective on how the operational side of Imaginar should run. The diverse nature of the creative industry can sometimes be a challenge but organisation and focus is key and something which is in my DNA.