Specialist Product Visualization Services For Businesses, Brands And Agencies

At Imaginar we are experts in creating visually stunning 2D and 3D images, animations and experiences that can help your customers understand your goods and their features. We have had the opportunity to have worked with some of the world’s leading brands including Coca-Cola, Mars, Puma, Nike, Philips, Dyson, Pernod-Ricard, who have come to rely on us as their Product Visualization Specialist. We have a well-established process of creating images, illustrations, animations, and experiences of products to communicate visually how they will look and function in a stimulating and creative way. This process is done through the creation of highly realistic 3D renderings, intricate 2D illustrations, motion graphics design, animation, or even physical prototypes. Product Visualization is an important tool for designers, engineers, and marketing teams to communicate their ideas and get feedback early in the product development process. It can also be used to create marketing materials like photo-real visuals, infographics, digital displays, packaging and videos. By creating these digital assets that represent the company’s line or range in a way that can be easily understood, it can help create a better understanding of the goods and its potential customers. We have provided Animation, Experience, and CGI Product Visualization Services for over a decade, and we continue to evolve to help businesses and brands communicate their products more effectively through exploring new innovation and advances in technology, and developing new techniques using the latest design and rendering software. We are constantly searching for ways to stay ‘ahead of the curve’ so that our clients do too.
product visualization of exploding trainer

Types of Product Visualization

We have produced a wide variety of digital content for our clients for various projects including point of sale material, pack-shots, social media and website advertising material, technical demonstration, large format digital out of home (DOOH) displays, and design development. Our teams can work to virtually any brief, whether you have an initial idea or have developed a comprehensive design in the form of CAD drawings or plans.

Below is a description of the different types of product visualization services we can help you with. We can work on any scale of project you require whether it is a simple individual image of one of your items a complex animation incorporating a range of your items, or a large scale immersive experience. If there are any other ideas you have that are not covered below then please get in touch as we have worked on many more additional projects other than the examples that we have shown below.

CGI Product Visualization Images

3D illustrations are a great way to show off your product in a realistic and photorealistic way. Creating a 3D illustration  can help potential customers understand what it looks like and how it works. Our skilled 3D Illustration team can help create 3D photorealistic renders of your products, so you can be sure that it looks at  its best. The 3d modelling workflow generally involves a few key steps: first, the modeler creates a basic wireframe of the object to be modelled. Next, they add details and dimensions to the wireframe, using reference images or real-world objects as needed. Finally, they apply textures and materials to the model, and render it to create a realistic image or animation. Whether you need images for print, web, digital, or large format for out of home displays, we can help you get the perfect visuals to impress your audience.

Image CGI Product Visualization Examples

product visualization services for sports shoe products
Puma Advertising Visual
Product Visualization specialist showing sprite bottle advertising visual
Sprite Bottle Advertising Visual

Product Visualization Animations

In today’s world, a strong online presence is key to a successful business. A great way to achieve this is by using animation to create engaging and informative videos about your product lines or ranges. Our animation teams can help you visualize your goods in 3D or 2D Motion Graphics, enabling you to communicate your ideas in a clear and concise way. We have a wide range of experience in creating explainer videos, product demonstrations and marketing animations Video Production. Whether you are interested in creating a short video for social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or a full length film for your website, we can help.

Animation Product Visualization Examples

Play Video about Cocio product visualization

Cocio Bottle Animation

Play Video about Dewars Motion Graphics Product Video

Dewars Bottle Animation

Play Video about Philips respironics product visualization

Philips Respironics Animation

Play Video about Tim Hortons Advertising Animation

Tim Hortons Animation

Product Visualization Experiences

Immersive Experiences are the perfect way to see your products in a new light. With this technology, you can create stunning visuals that allow customers to explore every detail of them. Whether you’re selling cars or kitchen appliances, our immersive solutions will help you close more sales. Our immersive product visualization specialist team can help take your lines or ranges to another dimension. We can create 360 product rotators, configurators, augmented reality applications or virtualise your product in VR There are unlimited possibilities, and we are helping more and more clients visualise their products in innovative and engaging ways.

Experiences Product Visualization Examples

Realtime lab product visualization
Realtime Configurator Experience
Targus Product Visualization AR App
Targus Backpack AR Application

Technical CGI Product Visualizations

3D renderings and animations can be used to create a realistic and accurate view of what a project will look like upon completion. They are ideal for customers who want to get an idea of what the finished product will look like, but don’t want the hassle or expense of visiting a physical location. Our team is experienced in creating realistic renderings and animations that accurately reflect the customer’s vision. These CGI product visualizations often contain technical detail which may include internal views and different angled views, annotations and information explaining features. They can also be interactive in the form of product rotators or  configurators. We have produced technical CGI product visualization services for businesses in the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing and automotive industries as well as consumer brands.

Technical CGI Product Visualization Examples

Play Video about Philips IntelliSave Technical Product Visualization
Dyson Compact Technical CGI Product Visualization Examples
Dyson Compact Technical CGI Product Visualization Examples
Play Video about Mizuno Wave technical product visualization

Mizuno Wave Technical Visualization

Simonelli Technical CGI Product Visualization
Simonelli Technical Visualization

Product Packshot

A Packshot is the perfect way to show off your products. Our CGI product visualization specialist team can create a realistic, three-dimensional image of your line or range that will make your customers want to buy it. We have worked with many brands in the food and drink and beauty and fashion industries to help communicate their merchandise effectively using a packshot. We can work with bottles, cans, cartons and other packaging, and materials including glass, plastic, paper and card.

Packshot CGI Product Visualization Examples

Jameson Packshot Product Visualization
Jameson Packshot Visual
Motul oil packshot visual
Motul oil packshot visual
sagres packshot visual
Sagres packshot visual
Beefeater Gin Packshot Product Visualization
Beefeater Gin Packshot Visual

Point of Sale Product Visualization

Point of sale (POS) marketing materials are an essential marketing tool for any business. They capture the attention of potential customers and help to convert them into paying customers. Our professional designers create stunning, high-quality images and animations that will help your business stand out from the competition. Whatever way you would like to enhance the look and feel of your project, we can create it in CGI. We can add many features to your image or animation including:

-CGI background
-compositing onto a photographic backplate
-liquid simulation
-ice simulation
-condensation simulation
-substances simulation

There is also an opportunity to add immersive experiences to your POS. We can create augmented reality applications which can highlight your product when a customer scans your point of sale allowing you to explain more about it or tell a brand story.

Point Of Sale Product Visualization Examples

Play Video about Absolut Vodka POS product visualisation

Absolut Vodka POS animation

Play Video about Coca Cola POS product visualisation animation

Coca Cola POS  animation

Play Video about Johnnie Walker POS product visualization

Johnnie Walker POS animation

Play Video about Martell POS product visualization animation comp

Martell POS animation

CGI Bottles and Glass Product Visualizations

Looking to showcase your bottles in the most realistic and visually appealing way possible? Look no further than our bottle and glass CGI product visualization specialists. Our renders are the perfect way to show off your new line of drinks, perfume, or any other merchandise that comes in a bottle or glass container. With photorealistic textures and accurate lighting, your bottles will look their best when displayed on your marketing material. We have produced glass and bottle CGI product visualizations for many of the worlds top brands including pernod ricard, coca-cola and nestle.

CGI Bottles and Glass Product Visualization Examples

Fever-Tree CGI bottles visualization
Fever-Tree CGI bottles visualization
Mutineer Beer Bottle Product Visualization
Mutineer beer bottle visual
Tobermory whisky bottle product visualization
Tobermory whisky CGI bottle visualization
Sagres beer bottle product visualization
Sagres beer bottle visual

Food Product Visualization

Our food visualisations are the perfect way to show off your food. With our realistic and lifelike images and animations, you can create an appetite-arousing advertisement that will have customers clamouring for your food. With our help, you can create stunning visuals and animations that will draw in customers and increase sales. Our talented team will work with you to create a food visualisation that represents your food perfectly, and we’ll make sure it looks great on any platform.

Food Product Visualization Examples

Cadbury Twirl product visualization
Cadbury Twirl visualization
Thorntons chocolates product visualization
Thorntons chocolates visualization
Ice lollies product visualization
Ice lollies visualization
fruit and nut bar product visualization
fruit and nut bar visualization

Liquid Simulation/Liquid Visualization

Many of our clients incorporate liquid simulation or visualization into their product visualizations. By adding realistic lifelike liquids to their animation or visual they can immerse their customer further into their brand. Creating liquids can be very complex and time intensive, however, our liquid simulation and product visualization specialist teams have many years experience in creating liquids in the form of fizzy drinks, beers, wines, juices and many more. We can add liquids statically to the interior of merchandise such as drinks bottles or perfume bottles. We can simulate liquids moving, either on a visual, or in an animation, which is ideal for visualizing the pouring of a liquid or even a liquid explosion. We can also add other effects such as condensation to the outside of a bottle or fizz to a liquid, the choice is yours.

Liquid Simulation/Liquid Product Visualization Examples

Play Video about Chivas liquid simulation product visualization

Chivas liquid simulation 

Moretti liquid splash product visualization
Moretti liquid splash visualization
Play Video about cuca beer liquid simulation

Cuca beer liquid simulation

Persil liquid product visualization
Persil liquid product visualization

Automotive  Visualizations

Creating automotive visualizations is the perfect way to show off your car’s features and design. Our team of CGI experts can help you create a stunning 3D rendering that will leave your potential buyers awestruck. We’ll work with you to make sure that the final deliverable perfectly showcases your car’s best features. Our realistic images and videos are the next best thing to being there in person. We can create visualizations for anything within the automotive industry including, engines, tyres, interiors and exteriors and aim to provide a photorealistic render or animation for you to use in your business and marketing. We have previously produced content for brands including Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi and BMW

Automotive Product Visualization Examples

Ford GT automotive visualization
Ford GT automotive visualization
Play Video about Mini John Cooper Works automotive visualisation

Mini John Cooper Works automotive visualisation

Nissan GTR automotive visualization
Nissan GTR automotive visualization
Play Video about VW Evolve automotive visualisation

VW Evolve automotive visualisation

Cosmetic Product Visualization

Our cosmetic image and animation services provide an innovative and exciting way for your customers to experience your cosmetics. Our product visualization specialist team create beautiful, lifelike 3D images and animations that give your customers a realistic view of your cosmetics, no matter where they are. Whether you’re looking to improve website conversions or simply show off your latest line of cosmetics, and help you achieve your goals.

Cosmetic Product Visualization Examples

Play Video about Prada Candy product visualization animation

Prada Candy animation

Play Video about Prada Olfactories advertising visualisation

Prada Olfactories advertising animation

Product Visualization Advertising Campaigns

Creating compelling images or animations is the perfect way to advertise your line or range. You can see how  it looks in different settings and scenarios, and get a realistic sense of how it will look in use. It is also the opportunity to get creative by adding custom build environments, actions and features in order to add to the attraction of the advert, which is an invaluable tool for any advertiser. Our Product Visualization specialist team have created advertising visuals for many global brands including Coca-Cola, Puma, Pernod-Ricard, Nestle and Fever-Tree, too name a few. Every advert is different in it’s own way and can incorporate many exciting elements such as liquids, splashes, explosions, substances, reflections, movement and simulation.

Advertising Campaigns Product Visualization Examples

Absolut Pear Vodka advertising campaign visual
Absolut Pear Vodka advertising campaign visual
Nespresso Coffee Pods advertising campaign visual
Nespresso Coffee Pods advertising campaign visual
Johnnie Walker Red Label advertising campaign visual
Johnnie Walker Red Label advertising campaign visual
Nestea Plum advertising campaign visual
Nestea Plum advertising campaign visual

Get In Touch With Your Product Visualization Specialist

As you can see our clients use our expertise for various projects including point of sale material, pack-shots, advertising, technical demonstration and design development.

Our experienced teams of CGI artists, 3D animators, and experience creators, can work to virtually any brief, whether you have an initial idea or have developed a comprehensive design in the form of CAD drawings or plans.  We will conduct an initial appraisal of any references provided and produce a brief scope and estimate for our clients to evaluate.

If you have an upcoming project coming and would like to know more about our product visualization services, we would love to speak to you. You can complete the form below or contact us on 0207 042 9994