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Welcome To Imaginar’s Creative, Technical Consultancy

A new kind of creative technical consultancy, with a completely different approach.

Our creative and technical consultancy is designed to help you find the right solution quickly.

We do this by separating out the initial ‘idea development stage’ from the ‘actual production process’ where we concentrate on delivering creative and technical advice ‘Createch’ to help you create a final ‘production ready solution’ which is fit for creation.

In collaboration with our clients or creative and technical experts help fuel creativity and demystify the complicated, in order to create innovative and unexpected solutions.

“The best part of having a creative mind is you never know where its going to take you !” Richard Watkins (CEO) 09/10/2018

A consultancy that fills in the blanks

Born from a lifetime of working within the creative and technology industries, we bring together experts and knowledge from all stages of the production and technology process, into a collaborative environment where we learn from each other which has enabled us as a creative consultancy to think differently and deliver memorable creative solutions for a new digital age.

We have been helping our clients visualise their ideas in the form of images, animations, digital online and interactive real time experiences, innovative creative technology solutions for over 20 years now, working across every conceivable format, from broadcast advertising campaigns right the way through to user experiences created for the attractions industries. We offer qualified advice on how to best communicate, create, utilise and deploy content across any format, device or technology and platform and have become recognised as a ‘Safe Pair of Hands’ and the ‘Go to People’ to solve the complicated creative and technical problems.  We are supported by our unique team of world class specialists from every concievable field of creativivity, media and technologhy making our creative and technologhy consultancy service, not only the answer to the questions, but we can produce the final solutions and then deploy them for you.  Meaning that we are a unique solution when looking for a creative consultant or creative technologist partner for your project.

‘We think bigger so you dont have too!’


We are able to collaborate with teams at the key development stages in order to offer specialist advice on the reality of your expectations including budget planning, production timescales and technology capabilities, to help you develop a strategy that is realistic, achievable and memorable.


Having spent decades exercising our creative muscles, we have a bank of creative solutions to help get your project off to the right start. We help our clients resolve their creative constraints by always thinking in 360 degrees and completely unrestrained, it’s the most important part of everything we do.


With more and more clients looking to integrate new technologies into their creative projects, we offer invaluable advice to help you utlise the new innovations that are now at your disposal. We understand combining ‘technology + content’ from ideation to technical installation.


Having been at the forefront of creating amazing content for the last two decades, we are in a unique position of being able to advise from actual experience based on what works and what doesn’t.  We not only answer the questions, but we deliver the actual solution,  to make more memorable effective product.

Who we consult for

How we can help

Have you found yourself spending days, if not weeks searching for a solution or a qualified and trustworthy partner or supplier, to help with the production of a brand-new idea or creative technology solution and how to deploy it?
Have you ever considered how much time and effort is spent when trying to find a solution for a new cutting-edge idea taking time away from what you actually need to be doing?

And even after you have found all the suppliers that you need to work with to deliver the project, you feel overwhelmed and out of control, not knowing if the project will be delivered on brief, on time and on budget!

We believe our creative consultancy service will provide you with the answer!
We have spent the last 20+ years consistently creating and delivering 1000’s projects for this type of scenario, keeping our clients ahead of the curve by arming them with the expert knowledge of ‘how to make it’ and more importantly ‘how not to’!

Through collaboration with us at the inception of an idea we are able to offer impartial and expert advice and solutions when it comes to planning highly complicated content creation and then deploying them onto media or technology platforms.

Our unique setup means that we are able to offer exclusive knowledge and production services which span across every conceivable industry, media format, device or platform.
Our clients have come to rely on us as a ‘Safe Pair Of Hands’ to answer those difficult questions and provide robust solutions that can be deployed into the public domain.

Our clients engage us at the start of the project to undertake a ‘design and discovery’ service where the optimum solutions are created, which can either be produced by our own internal global network of suppliers or by the clients preferred suppliers.

‘Ideation is not the problem, realization can be without expert knowledge’. Richard Watkins CEO 18/10/2018


Work with us at the very start of your project, we help our clients enhance their idea and fill in the gaps between the ‘A’ to the ‘C’

Design & Discovery

We identify the key requirements of the project and then the technical and creative feasibly is checked and tested.

Pre Production

Is the key to a successful production, we can advise on concept designs, creative direction, story boarding, to ensure your project will hit the mark.


We can create any type of content from still image, animation to realtime experiential installations, working with our global network of creative and technical experts.


Extend your clients experience and help them re-connect to customers. We can offer advice from our extensive experience in VR/AR /MR Realtime interactive 3D and multi touch surfaces


We understand the importance of solutions that work and we support our content via custom made hardware solutions or registered partner reseller schemes.


As content has to work harder and across multiple medias and platforms we provide one harmonious solution and advise on how best to deploy them.

Installation And Support

We can help provide installation and support solutions via our network of expert partners who are able to provide SLA’s to future proof your installation for the useful life of the project.

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