Give your customers immersive retail experiences that they will never forget. We can build, in CGI, any 3D, 360-degree, retail environments that you require, whether it is based on an existing physical space, a planned spaced or a concept space of any scale, from pop up shop to multi-level department store.

Our Immersive Retail Experiences give you unlimited opportunities to present your products and brand stories within an immersive environment that your clients and customers can explore at their own leisure from the comfort of their own home, straight from their web browser.

Within this space we can start building the experience by adding various features to your buyers’ journey, enabling interaction, communication, and analytics. The aim is to bring that physical shopping experience into a virtual world and enhancing it by providing access to more product information and a more personalised shopping experience through the use of this technology.

Imagine this! Your customer arrives at your virtual store and prior to entering is greeted with an amazing 3D animated presentation showcasing your latest products or services, just like the amazing window displays at flagship stores on the high street.

On entry to your virtual 360 retail environment, they are greeted by a virtual assistant welcoming them and explaining to them about the retail space and how to shop within it.

Once they are in the space, they get the opportunity to explore products and brand stories, see advertisements and promotions, all in an interactive and immersive way. They may see animated posters advertising your latest promotions, pop up 360 product viewers allowing them to view and rotate your products in full 360, or large format screens telling your brand stories, complemented by the ability to chat with a live online sales advisor whenever they need to. The possibilities are endless.

Here are some of the elements we can incorporate in to your virtual retail space


Add pre-recorded green screen presenters into your immersive retail experiences. They can be stationed in various areas of your store to help sell or present to your customers key features of your products or services. There is also the option to create CGI models of presenters which may resemble humans or even avatar style characters.


We can create 3D Models of your products either from your CAD data or with photogrammetry.  This will allow you to display your products in your retail space, just as you would do in a physical location.


Using the 3D Models of your products, we can create pop up 360 Product viewers so that your customers can explore them in full 360 by panning around them. You can also add interactive elements to the product viewer with hotspots showing images, information, or video about the product, supported by an option to buy.


If you have a product that can be configured then we can create a product configurator allowing your customer to customize the style, build or look of your product prior to purchasing.


Enhance your customers buying experience with an augmented reality application enabling them to interact with your product in real-time. We can create a bespoke application according to your requirements whether it be trying on a pair of glasses, a new watch or the latest fashion, the opportunities are endless.


By having the ability to add 3D animation to your immersive retail experiences, you can create really engaging promotional content of any type. You may want an animated display for a new product launch, a holographic product rotating from the ceiling, or animated activity to deepen the experience of your customer. The beauty of CGI animation is that ‘nothing is impossible’ to create.


If you need to provide your customer with detailed information then you can add downloadable brochures and factsheets, pop up info boxes, external links to third party websites or literally any other type of cloud hosted information in almost any format you require.


We can add controllable or auto-play video into your scene allowing you to present your product or brand stories right at the point that you need them. Whether you want to have a detailed video describing your product at the point where it is displayed or a large video wall celebrating a certain themed event, the choice is yours.


If you require data or graphics to strengthen your product sales or complement your brand stories, then these can be accommodated in image or animation form, pre-rendered or in real-time by building in the ability for your virtual space to incorporate third party API’s.


Give you the ability to bring external web content into your retail environment. This is very useful if you have an existing ecommerce site that you wish to incorporate into your experience, you can give your customer the ability to view product pages or even checkout without them having to leave the virtual retail environment.


To add to the personalized experience you can add various communication elements to your space, whether it be a chat bot, live chat, an exclusive curated guided tour of your store or even live webcasted promo events.


The navigation of the immersive retail experiences will depend on the size of the scenes and your specific requirements, from traditional hotspots for smaller spaces, to click and go navigation for larger spaces.  The experiences can also be created within a first-person game engine environment if you require that level of depth.

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Once you have decided on the retail environment and the elements you want to include in it, the next step is to create the backend functionality, your web-based solutions.


Our programmers, developers and engineers can create and integrate any kind of custom functionality that you require for your web-based experience, from customer relationship management to complex ecommerce website development. Our philosophy is to bring together the very best in visual content and enterprise grade web development to enable you to confidently launch virtual versions of your physical stores that have the opportunity of reaching a wider audience from anywhere in the world and at any time.

Custom CMS development – We can create a content management system that will allow you to update certain elements of your experience as your product lines evolve helping you to manage your digital assets form one centralised location. Our systems are designed to support your business and streamline your team’s effort so anyone can see the data they need and operate from anywhere in the world.

Custom CRM development – We can develop a customer relationship management system to help you interact with clients or integrate your existing CRM into our experiences. Once we understand your business, we can create a tailor-made system to streamline your interaction with your clients capture data and include analytics to monitor how your clients are engaging with your products or services online.

Ecommerce website development – We can create powerful online stores that makes online selling easy by enabling you to showcase your products and services, manage your product inventory, attract, and excite more clients, accept various payment methods, integrate custom built web apps (such as membership or booking systems) plus much more.

AR Web Apps – We can create custom augmented reality web apps that use your devices camera to add another level of immersion to your client or customers experience by allowing them to personally interact with your product whether it be trying on the latest fashion or testing out the latest gadgets. This technology will become one of the most important ways your customers will connect with your products in the future so why not take your products into the next dimension.


Our team can set up your experience on a professional grade, cloud hosted server for a one-time fee or manage your server, updates, support tickets and security via a monthly service level agreement.

Because of our unique background in creating and supporting webhosted solutions we understand the importance of supporting these virtual businesses during their useful life by offering service level support packages where you can have a development team that can be attached to your project and will monitor and maintain it all the time it is live preventing site failure, security and compliance issues, off site data management, keeping in line with third-party software updates, server monitoring and customer feedback and user reporting. Think of this as your complete virtual customer service department, all these factors are often overlooked and not provisioned. We believe this level of service is paramount to enable our clients to provide a professional experience and maintain a well-respected reputation as you virtualise part of your busines or service online.


We support your online platform by offering effective Search engine optimization services built into the front end site pages that help our clients gain top spots in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and generate more web traffic and drive organic customers towards you.

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