Our virtual tours enable your users to explore computer generated scenes that can be created for any type of brief and also be combined with 360 photography and video. Our tours also provide capabilities for interactive elements including animation, video, graphics, data, web frames and live user contact. Cloud hosting support can also be provided.
Most popular for pre-existing or future planned developments or facilities, in the residential and commercial sectors, corporate tours, staff onboarding, exhibitions and museums.

We can create any animated, static imagery or real-time interactive 3D environment in full 360 degrees

I think we have all come accustomed to viewing virtual tours, whether it be a house tour, museum tour or a tour of your favourite landmark, and traditionally they have been made up of a number of 360-degree photos, linked together via hotspots that bring up essential information, enabling you to look around without having to actually visit a physical location.

At Imaginar our virtual tours start with visually stunning environments which gives your audience the opportunity to explore the spaces we create for you in full 360 or real-time interactive 3D where our content rich features are designed to Immerse, Engage and Entertain from any platform or device,  allowing you to achieve a deeper level of connection with your audience generating a higher than 50% conversion rate whilst increasing viewer retention time by 10 x of your competition who are not using this type of digital platform yet.

We can create any animated, static imagery or real-time interactive 3D environment in full 360 degrees, whether it be a scene from the past, present or future and then integrate interactivity to it to help fully engage and immerse your user. We can also incorporate 360 photography and video and add gamification elements to them too.

The ‘use cases’ for this is considerable and can provide all types of brands and businesses the opportunity to showcase their assets in any form to their users in a unique and experiential way.

We can incorporate the following elements into your tour


Display pre-recorded or live video streams within the environment on a video wall, screen or shape, which can be controlled by the user


Display prerendered holograms in the environment such as a virtual presenter curating the tour. Working machinery, appliances or devices or animated environmental effects. The possibilities are endless.


Display real-time or static data or graphics in new and immersive ways, which can help your user to look through your data and get a deeper understanding of the benefits of your products or services.


Display layers of animation over your scene to create a unique story telling experience that fully engages your user. It may be your scene has a base environment such as an empty space that builds up to a fully equipped space showing the customers your brand story or your businesses evolution.


Provide your user with all the information they need to underpin your product or service in the form of pop-ups windows where you can display videos/pdf/word/excel downloads, or external web links.


The ability to incorporate web frames means that you can bring in additional applications to the tour, such as a product viewer, webinars, live video feeds, configurators or webpage, enabling you to keep your user interacting within the experience at all times.


3D models can be integrated into the scene, which can be enabled to rotate 360 around the objects enabling your user to explore them from all angles.


We can also include capabilities for live chat, conferencing or video calls direct from within the 360 environment if required which gives you the opportunity to hold actual meetings and live guided tours from within the actual environment.

As you can see there are many combinations of interactivity that can be applied to our unique experience depending on your project requirements.


The navigation of the experience will depend on the size of the scenes and your specific requirements, from traditional hotspots for smaller spaces, to click and go navigation for larger spaces.  The tours can also be created within a first-person game engine environment if you require that level of depth.


Once your tour is complete it or paramount importance that your experience is hosted on a suitable web server so your users will be able to access it without the need for any additional tech or applications.

If you require any backend web-based solutions such as cloud hosting, security, software development or managed IT services to support your experience, then please feel free to discuss this with us and our expert engineers can provide you with a bespoke solution.

Furthermore, if required we can create a version of your tour that can also be used with a virtual reality headset.

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Many of our clients have come to us, looking for innovative solutions to help them communicate and interact with their customers, clients, and employees.

The way we interact with each other has changed dramatically over the last few years and with physical spaces such as exhibition halls, conference rooms, retail space and outdoor event spaces having been out of action for many clients, there has been an increased demand for virtual or hybrid spaces. Allowing brands and companies to immerse their consumers in interactive marketing and events and extend their experiences far beyond a physical event which has paved the way for the age of the Hybrid event.

Imagine you could create any environment or any number of environments of any type of design without the time and expense of physically building it in the real world. Where your clients can interact with your brand, product, or service within a completely immersive and interactive experience from the comfort of their own home.

Then this is where Imaginar can help.

We specialise in making impossible environments and virtual experiences that can be viewed straight from your web browser, without the need for any additional hardware, such as headsets, or software, such as downloading applications.

Our team of Imagineers and CG specialists can create any environment that you need, whether it be an existing, historical, or future space which your consumers can go in and experience in full 360.
Want to add more interactivity? We can feature controllable video, audio, graphics, web frames, live conferences and concerts, chat, 360 product views, gamified activities and much more all within the space or even spaces.

But we also understand the need to measure the ROI on any product experience so our highly experienced programming team can add an extra level of data capture by incorporating CRM’s, gateways, analytics etc. To help create a comprehensive campaign and measure your ROI.

Whether we like it or not we are all now 50% physical and 50% digital and in this new ‘Phygital Era’ we want to give you the complete solution to enable you to Extend your Experiences and reach more people like you have never been able to do before.

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