Brand Content Creation At Melbourne’s ‘Next Generation’ Duty Free Lounge

Imaginar has been responsible for creating and adapting original brand content for clients interested in advertising their product launches at the Melbourne Duty free lounge operated by ‘DUFRY’. Imaginar are the original designers of how the content should be created to display correctly across the multiple connected screens and we have been advising directly with luxury brands to help them understand how best to use this unique screen format and connect best with potential customers and we would either work in two ways  by repurposing standard format broadcast content the client already has created for their product to work in the unique screen formats  or we would simply create a completely new campaign from basic point of sale material often just used for print and turning them in to emotive, immersive large format animated animations to connect with the customers passing through the lounges and encouraging them to look at the brands had on at the that time. Below are  a small selection of the brand campaigns we have either reformatted or come up with the campaign to work on the screens form scratch.  Should you wish to have content made for this location then please feel free to contact us on +44 (0)207 042 9994 or via email at and we can handle the complete production for you.

Prada Pink Gloss Campaign

Prada Oil Factories Campaign

Martell Corden Bleu Campaign

Jonny Walker Blue Label Campaign