Cocio & Pucko CG Illustrated And Animated Cross Platform Advertising Campaign


Cocio/Pucko wanted to create a cross platform media campaign which comprised of producing a set of high quality ‘Point Of Sale’ CG imagery as well as creating animated version of the 3D model that we created, capturing the specific characteristic of the liquid explosion they wanted to make coming out of the top of the product that would be used on social media platforms liked facebook and Instagram as well as featuring on additional internet marketing platforms.

We created a 100% accurate CG replica version of the clients product giving us the opportunity of using our bespoke photogrammetry rig we have recently created which allowed us to create and render the bottle in any position whilst also allowing us to switch out label designs and lid colours.  We also required to sculpt a bespoke and impossible liquid splash which we had to achieve by using a mixture of liquid simulation combined with hand keyframe animation to come up with the desired look and shape of the unique splash.

We worked in 3DS Max to created the 3d geometry and created the liquid splash using real flow which was then baked and then manipulated again by hand within the timeline editor of 3DS max, finally rendering the 10k images and animation out using Corona Renderer compositing the render passes back together in Adobe After Effects.





For more information about the project, our custom ‘Hyper Real’ Photogrammetry scanning facilities, or just ideas of how we can help you with your own product virtualisation and deployments then please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help find a solution for you.