CG Animated Video for Dewars High Ball Mix-it Instagram Marketing Campaign

Dewars Motion Graphics Product Video

We worked with Pernod Ricard and their advertising agency to help create a range of Dewar’s New flavoured Whisky blends to make a promotional CG animated video which was to be published  on Instagram to promote their new range which would be used to make a whole new range of whiskey cocktails and what types of food that go super well with them to enjoy over those long hot summer evenings.  This was a super fun projects as we got to understand that Whisky is not just a neat spirit to drink with ice or soda but there are a number of new blends that Dewar’s have released that have been created to become the ideal mixing partners to create delicious summer cocktails.

We had to create a ‘When’ , ‘What’ and a ‘How’ variations of the CG animated video which would be used across different parts of the Pernod Ricard’s launch campaign which would guide the customer about when the best time is to dive in and pour your self one of the delicious  High ball cocktails.

Our main challenge in creating the CG animated videos for this project was to work out an efficient format to fit across 4:5 16:9 formats plus producing a number of cut downs and variants which turned this project from a initial 4  hero CG animated video delivery to a 40 CG animated video delivery giving the client the most usable 3d layered asset to enable them to tell the story of how the mixing happens and what is added to each drink variation to create the signature drinks.  The project was also budget restrictive due to it only ever appearing on a Instagram so we needed to find economic ways to create complicated liquid simulations which would have normally been reserved for above the line broadcast CG animated video which would be able to create and then be applied across the 4  New ranges of Dewar’s whisky blends whilst still educating the viewer is a seductive way how to pour the drinks at home, what to mix the whisky with and what food to serve with the high ball drinks.

Dewar’s High ball ‘WHEN’ 16:9 Instagram Video 

Dewar’s High ball  ‘WHAT’ 16:9 Instagram Video .

Dewar’s High ball  ‘WHY’ 16:9 Instagram Video.

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