VW Evolve Promo Animation

EVOLVE with Volkswagen financial services which a fun project to create where we made an electrifying animation to help illustrate the evolution from combustion-based vehicles into the new era of fully electric vehicles for fleet-based business purposes.

For this B2B Marketing animation we initially helped to refine the original creative concept and creatively direct the 52” animation which we produced and created in full and also included creating the audio design. Working in 3dsmax and using Corona to render in and finally using Adobe AFX to composite the shots back together and add the effect s and grading. The biggest challenge to this job was to achieve a ‘hero’ transition sequence which allowed us to smoothly morph between a 2018 model Golf R into a 3d model of a VW ID fully electric vehicle.

Our client was very pleased with the final product as we had to work under a very tight deadline and budget to achieve this promotion al video which our client felt delivered above their expectations.

To see the final animation and website by clicking the link below.