Our virtual training and education experiences enable you to facilitate training via an immersive online experience, which keeps your user engaged and mirrors real life experiences, whilst eliminating the need for travel. Our team can create any experience based on your brief, which can be easily accessed via your user’s web browser without the need for a headset or any specialist equipment.

Our aim is to help brands, businesses, and educators to train or teach their clients, staff or students in a new and innovative way that eliminates the need for a physical space.

Creating a virtual training or education experience means that you can make it accessible to more of your clients, staff or students as they can access it straight from their web browser from any place and at any time, without the need for any additional applications or hardware (such as a VR headset, however this can be incorporated if required) .

Initially we will create a 3D, 360 Degree CGI environment or number of environments to host your training, whether it be a classroom, production plant, operating theatre or building site. We can create whatever you require or alternatively we can use 360 degree photography or video.

Within this space we can start building the virtual training experience by adding various features enabling interaction, communication, and analytics.

The aim is to bring that physical training experience into a virtual world and enhance it by providing access to more learning materials and a more personalised learning experience through the use of this technology.

The type of the training will depend upon your business or educational establishment.  It may be that you are virtually training staff how to about various items of machinery in your production plant which they can learn about through interactive presentations of videos, info tabs or data sheets. Or alternatively it may be a virtual classroom where your students can see a virtual teacher who uses amazing 3D animation and graphics to fully engage them in their learning experience.

Whatever way you want to present your training we can design a solution that is suitable to you.

Here are some of the elements we can incorporate into your virtual training and education experience


Add pre-recorded green screen presenters into your space, who can be stationed in various areas of your training experiences to help teach your users about certain elements of the training/education program. There is also the option to create CGI models of presenters which may resemble humans or even avatar style characters.


We can create any 3D Model you require in order assist with your training  experience, whether it be a piece of machinery, a product prototype or even a world globe.  Here is the opportunity to provide all the accessories you need to support your learning program.


Using the 3D Models we have created for your virtual training, we can create pop up 360 model viewers so that your students or staff can explore them in full 360 by panning around them. You can also add interactive elements to the model viewer with hotspots showing images, information, or video about the model, further enhancing their learning experience.


If you have a particular part of your teaching program that requires your students to configure an object such as a piece of machinery then we can create a configurator allowing your student to interact with the object, such as changing components, which they can pan around in 360.


Give you the ability to bring external web content into your virtual training experience. This is very useful if you have an existing training or educational website that you wish to incorporate into your experience, you can give your student or staff the ability to view certain pages which may include additional learning material or presentations without them having to leave the virtual training environment.


By having the ability to add 3D animation to your virtual training environment you can create really engaging learning content of any type. You may want an animated whiteboard display for a particular lesson, a holographic 3D animated explainer video, or animated activity to deepen the experience of your student or staff. The beauty of CGI animation is that ‘nothing is impossible’ to create.


If you need to provide your student or staff with detailed information then you can add downloadable resources such as brochures and factsheets, pop up info boxes, external links to third party websites or literally any other type of cloud hosted information in almost any format you require.


We can add controllable or auto-play video into your scene allowing you to present your training right at the point that you need them. Whether you want to have a detailed video describing a certain component of your training  or a large video wall creating an interesting back drop for your presenters, the choice is yours.


If you require data or graphics to strengthen your virtual training experience then these can be accommodated in image or animation form, pre-rendered or in real-time by building in the ability for your virtual space to incorporate third party API’s.


To add to the personalized experience we can add various communication elements to your space, whether it be a chat bot, live chat, live presentation or even a webinar.


The navigation of the experience will depend on the size of the scenes and your specific requirements, from traditional hotspots for smaller spaces, to click and go navigation for larger spaces.  The experiences can also be created within a first-person game engine environment if you require that level of depth.

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Once you have decided on the virtual training environment and the elements you want to include in it, the next step is to create the backend functionality, your web-based solutions.


Our programmers, developers and engineers can create and integrate any kind of custom functionality that you require for your web-based experience, from customer relationship management to complex ecommerce website development. Our philosophy is to bring together the very best in visual content and enterprise grade web development to enable you to confidently launch virtual versions of your physical stores that have the opportunity of reaching a wider audience from anywhere in the world and at any time.

Custom CMS development – We can create a content management system that will allow you to update certain elements of your experience as your training programs evolve helping you to manage your digital assets from one centralised location. Our systems are designed to support your business and streamline your team’s effort so anyone can see the data they need and operate from anywhere in the world.

Custom CRM development – We can develop a customer relationship management system to help you interact with your students or staff, or integrate your existing CRM into our experiences. Once we understand your business, we can create a tailor-made system to streamline your interaction with your students or staff, capture data and include analytics to monitor how your clients are engaging with your training programs online.

AR Web Apps – We can create custom augmented reality web apps that use your devices camera to add another level of immersion to your virtual training experience by allowing them to personally interact with your training material whether it be fixing an engine or trying on clothes from ancient history. This technology will become one of the most important ways your students and staff will connect with your learning experience in the future so why not take your virtual training into the next dimension.


Our team can set up your experience on a professional grade, cloud hosted server for a one-time fee or manage your server, updates, support tickets and security via a monthly service level agreement.

Because of our unique background in creating and supporting webhosted solutions we understand the importance of supporting these virtual businesses during their useful life by offering service level support packages where you can have a development team that can be attached to your project and will monitor and maintain it all the time it is live preventing site failure, security and compliance issues, off site data management, keeping in line with third-party software updates, server monitoring and customer feedback and user reporting. Think of this as your complete virtual customer service department, all these factors are often overlooked and not provisioned. We believe this level of service is paramount to enable our clients to provide a professional experience and maintain a well-respected reputation as you virtualise part of your business or service online.


We support your online platform by offering effective Search engine optimization services built into the front end site pages that help our clients gain top spots in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and generate more web traffic and drive organic customers towards you.

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